In the era of “hate- speech” and “cancel” -campaigns it is ever more important to prepare for various kinds of threats. The email telling you to stop doing something or you and your family will be hurt may not be avoided. but the consequences can be managed. The people behind the threats won’t win because you are ready.

Basically, anyone within specific circumstances has a risk of being targeted or a target of a “cancel” -campaign. Vulnerabilities are e.g. public role in arts, politics or business but even in everyday service trade one can be targeted. So, what to do if nothing can be done? The real answer is that a lot can be done.

Once we assess the risk and start minimizing the vulnerabilities, the next step is to create capability in threat assessment and management. The difference? In the Assessment phase we’ll dig into what is the threat about, how to deal with the threat and what will our managing process be like. Investigations and protective intelligence are in the key role of assessment process.

Threat management is about sustaining personal and organizational safety and security while taking actions on stopping the threat.

Structured Professional Judgement

SPJ is a process tool by which the key artifacts of any threat situation will be revealed. The process helps us to understand motivational and other behavioral factors behind the threat leading us to effective management methods.