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Clearwater Executive Consultants have been working on business and personal security and risk management matters from 80’s and 90’s. During the decades we have gained perspective, experience and developed the know-how to keep people, businesses and assets safe and secure.

Keeping up with trends and technology is a challenge we are taking up on gladly and with the child-like interest. One thing that remains the same: behavioral patterns of the human being.

Due to the nature of our work, not all of our team are here to give faces to the business. Once you need us, you will be introduced accordingly.

We are here to help you and I promise to be quick in my response to you.

We are here to help you and I promise to be quick in my response to you.

Tommi Nystrom, MBA
Executive Consultant, Clearwater Executive Solutions

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Phone +358 40 505 3169

Project examples – Security proofing people and processes

Secure Customer Service –

A program where the customer service personnel were security-proofed to understand various physical threat situations and especially the psychological factors behind violent behavior. At the same time their understanding of the human behavior was heightened so much that the positive customer feed-back rise by 26%.


Proactive Leadership and Management

Foresight is the best hindsight. The key question to the security manager before the project was:” What is it that you’d like to see as a result of this coaching process?” The simple answer was:” I’d like them to think before they act”.  And so, it began. The program started with the one-on-one sessions with the board of directors and their vice-chairs with the question such as “What you think are the biggest issues that endanger continuity and create most of the problematic situations you need to deal with?”. By this we gained a lot of information on key challenges and created our Proactive Decision-Making Model (tähän li bnkki). Once the whole program was through, we could see the positive results both in HR related issues as in security related issues.

Project Examples – Threat Management, Investigations and Executive Protection

Threat to business and People in Global Scale-

The situation escalated to a high threat level against business and a key person in our client’s project site due to quality problems of their subcontractor’s work. Using the CSD Security Management tools we were able to help to solve the situation with our local partners in short-time period. Preparing for multiple scenarios and using the CSD Structured Professional Judgement process the solution was created.

Insider Threat –

A start- up company was in the phase of getting new financial partners and should all the founding partners played according to the partner agreement everything would have gone as planned. But as often happens, there were issues and one of the founding partners orchestrated a cancelling – /blackmailing campaign against the company. We were able to help in this situation using the CSD SPJ process and pinpoint the behavioral trigger-points to use in negotiations.