In our protective services we specialize in protecting people. Our executive and personal protection programs are individually designed to keep persons of public interest and their close ones safe at all times. Whether the protection needed is 24/7 physical security support or on demand security assistance or just to create understanding of the risks and assessing and mitigating the vulnerabilities, the aim is always the same: keeping you and your family safe.

Threat proofing

Threat proofing is the term for our training and education. In executive protection the first layer of security is our ability and know how in situational awareness and on what to do in given circumstances. Threat proofing is also a myth-breaking process. Kidnappers have a hard day at work with people who understand how they operate. Violent encounters are avoided when you understand what is happening around you etc. You can even choose a personal trainer with ability to not only help you stay fit but to teach you at the same time how to defend yourself.

Home and residence security

For the security at your home to work, it needs to be fitted to your needs and likes. Any technical solutions or alarm-based guarding solution needs to be tested and verified regularly. The key here is to understand how long we’ll need to be on our own before external help is at our use. One part of the service is to ensure the technical surveillance counter measures i.e. eavesdropping and electronic following of movements etc. Flexibility and agility are the key words we aim to.

Privacy and personal information security

The privacy part is personal information security. This involves both device-security (such as your computers, mobile phones, smart watches etc.) and control of the information. Our cyber-team will show you results and help you build personal privacy at the level you require. This usually involves also the technical surveillance counter measures on your personal devices, residence and workplace.

Physical Security Assistance

There are situations where one requires a helping hand in a form of a bodyguard or close protection team. The aim is to keep you safe. This might be a public appearance, travel to a less safe destination or other risk-based situation in which requires to have also physical security measures at place. Our team of both male and female close protection officers are to ensure your well-being.

Contact us

Should you have any concerns about safety and security, please contact us. We have been working on this issue from the 80’s and 90’s that gives us the utmost perspective in the field. And though it must go without saying, everything is strictly confidential, and all issues are handled with the discretion.


The Following Clearwater Corporate Self Defense® processes are applied in all services from Corporate Security Advisory to Investigations to Threat Management and Personal/ Executive Protection.


Costs per process are from basic to expert based on the issue at hand starting at 490€ (VAT 0).

  • Analysis of the situation
  • Road Map to the Incident Management
  • Key Benefits: Fast, Cost -Efficent, Feasible
  • Determination of the key intelligence questions
  • Focused information gathering for any decision making
  • Key benefits: Straight to the point, Cost- Efficient, Flexible and Feasible
  • Focus on behavioral patterns and foreseeing the scenarios at hand
  • Straight to the point scenarios and management plans
  • Key Benefits: Straight to the point, Cost- Efficient, Flexible and Feasible
  • Immediate protection of people and assets
  • Using CSD Assessment and CSD Investigation processes to regain control of the situation
  • Key Benefits: Straight to the point, Cost- Efficient, Flexible and Feasible

Contact us if you have concerns or doubts in e.g.:

  • Choosing a business partner or vendor
  • Recruiting new personnel
  • What to do when you or your organization receive threats
  • How to structure security or heighten awareness and capabilities