Whether you are leading the security program for a Fortune 500 company or you have a start-up entering the game, we have the capability to advise on corporate security management issues. There are number of possibilities to use:

External team members

(Organizations with internal security)

As resources are limited, our external team member approach helps to save cost and still get the excellent results every time! Usually the external team member service handles issues such as event security coordination or assists in the threat management or executive protection program implementation etc.

Security Management as Service

Organizations without a designated security team)

For small and midsize organizations, our security management as service is the solution to go with. We’ll start off by sketching the outline for corporate (organizational) security and creating the chain of responsibilities and command. The standard operational procedures give guidance in decision making and work as implementation starting point for the security culture of the organization. Any rising issues will be handled by the team of experts to ensure that the business goals are reached.

Security Implementation Consulting

(Project based needs)

As resources are limited, the need for experts in organizational change are needed to implement various educational or cultural projects. We help you to create working solutions to implement the needed new know-how to members of your organization in such way that it fits your organizational culture and is easy to keep up with.

Corporate Self Defense® Benchmarking Analysis

Benchmarking as a strategic tool is a very good tool to use in security and risk management. CSD Benchmarking analysis tool helps you to assess where the security and risk management function are at the moment and what to do to get better.

The process is simple and takes just few days to complete. The benefit is that you can compare your own performance towards academic background on security and risk management as well as to other organizations’.

The self -assessment tool  is very simple but naturally needs time and effort to walk through. 
Use these self- assessment questions and compare your security and risk management procedures to your answers Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Corporate Self Defense® Program

The Corporate Self Defense® philosophy was created from the fact that you can scale personal self-defense philosophy quite easily to corporate wide corporate security policy. 

To assess any part of business, security and risk management being one, it is easy to start off by having these few simple questions answered. Use the self – assessment tool (LINKKI). Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call us or use the contact form (LINKKI)

The Corporate Self Defense® Method


At the first level of the CSD System,  the organization is Aware of the risks and vulnerabilities affecting to the core processes. There is a security management structure and responsibilities are clear.

Key task

Security and risk management are written and embedded to the business processes.


CSD Resilience level means that the organization’s all management levels have a common understanding and management methods in risk management and security. Business Continuity including security issues is part of all process and project management.

Key task

Security and risk management have KPIs and is measured as its’ own or as part of business processes. Proactive approach to scenario-based risk identification is part of everyday business management.


CSD Brown belt level is reached when the C-suite and middle management are using the same decision -making model that is based on CSD Foresight or similar system. Crisis and incident management are part of the normal management process.

Key task

Awareness and educational programming as integral part of business management. Management decisions are transparent and based on CSD Foresight or similar decision -making model.


CSD Black Belt organizations have the culture of CSD Foresight as part of their business culture. Business leaders and middle management use the preplanned continuity and incident management protocols with ease and as natural part of everyday business.

Key task

Creating convergence and using the tools from business intelligence to security & risk management as a natural part of business management.